Tango in her eyes (http://tangoinhereyes.blogspot.com)

I lived in Vancouver, but after dreaming about living in Buenos Aires for the past year in a half, I packed up my tango shoes and headed off to the land of Tango, Carne, Mate, Dulce de Leche and Porteños.

Tangospam (http://tangospam.typepad.com/tangospam_la_vida_con_deb/)

The not so secret life of an American woman in Buenos Aires. In 2004 I sold everything I owned to move to Buenos Aires Argentina. I went from being a high powered computer geek to a tango dancing bed and breakfast owner and English teacher

Tangospeak (http://tangospeak.com/wordpress/)

deaf single mother learns the Argentine Tango

Tina Tangos (http://tinatangos.wordpress.com/)

I’m a tango-addict, born in Seattle, currently live in Italy. This blog here will be my mumblings and observations as I prepare for and take my first trip to Buenos Aires. Bienvenidos

joegrohens.com (http://blog.joegrohens.com/tango/): The Topic is Tango

virtuar.com (http://www.virtuar.com/tango/tango_weblog.htm): Argentine Tango Articles (Igor Polk)