Un milonguero (person)

A person whose life revolves around milongas, a dancer

Tango milonguero (style)

A style of tango dance characterized by chest contact and reserved leg movements. The milonguero, or 'close embrace' style is danced in the crowded clubs of Buenos Aires. It evolved to compensate for large numbers of couples dancing in limited space. While apparently very simple, the Milonguero style is a rich and complex form of body signals and incorporates deep respect for the music and its varied rhythms. The result is a form of tango that allows for simplicity of steps while encouraging a natural connection between the dancers

The most striking quality of Milonguero style is the very close embrace that is a requirement of the dance. The couples lean forward to make contact from the waist to chest and the hold does not change throughout the dance. The lady drapes herself around the man with her left arm around his neck, her eyes are often closed; she surrenders.

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Milonguero-style tango is typically danced with a slightly leaning posture that typically joins the torsos of the two dancers from the tummy through the solar plexus (in an embrace that Argentine's call apilado) to create a merged axis while allowing a little bit of distance between the couple's feet. The embrace is also typically closed with the woman’s right shoulder as close to her partner's left shoulder as her left shoulder is to his right, and the woman's left arm is often draped behind the man's neck.

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close embrace-hold philosophy "Estilo Milonguero", also called Apilado or Villa Urquiza (in reference to the Sunderland club). In the liberal ‘twenties, both men and women went to crowded tango clubs and confiterías, where they danced very close socialized, intima y sensual, the woman’s head over her partner’s right shoulder, so he could whisper in her ear and visa versa. The level of the man’s commitment is highly correlated to the frequency which the woman sends out these signals, much of this serving to reduce the man’s sense of insecurity.

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